Prayer Chain

WHAT IS PRAYER CHAIN? The Prayer Chain is a group of faithful individuals that believe in the power of prayer! Once a request or concern is made, the prayer "chain" is activated, and the request or concern is communicated to each of the Prayer Chain members. It is their belief and hope that the families and individuals that are being prayed for will be comforted and supported by the many prayers that are being offered on their behalf.

If interested in being a part of the Prayer Chain, contact Joyce Davis.

To share a request or concern:

  • contact Joyce Davis at 685-3624

  • email St. John at

  • or visit the PRAY page on our website to submit an electronic request.

Morning Group:

    1. Joyce Davis 685-3624

    2. Cindy Denk

    3. Karla Hoksch

    4. Lois Balk

    5. Leila Blilie

    6. Charlene Brovold

    7. Cheryl Youngbauer

    8. Maran Bacon

    9. Sonya Iberg

    10. Karen Haukoos

    11. Joyce Davis 685-3624

Evening Group:

    1. Joyce Davis 685-3624

    2. Bev Ludwigson

    3. Lori Cloutier

    4. Val RUnions

    5. Mary Jacobson

    6. Julie Goeldner

    7. Patti Abts

    8. Debbie Hetrick

    9. Diane Wald

    10. Bernita Ness

    11. Joyce Davis 685-3624